UCSD Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club
Established 2012


UBIC represents our undergraduates who are studying in or interested in the diverse field of bioinformatics. Through a combination of events, programs, and projects our mission is to educate and contribute to the education and aspirations of every bioinformatics student at UC San Diego.

Attend our GBM happening on Tuesday Apr 12, 2022 at 6:30-7:30 pm at the Red Room in PC! FREE FOOD at the start! We'll also be hanging around starting at 6 if you wanna come ask questions. You can also join online at 333 453 9145


Bioinformatics Bootcamp

An year-long introductory sequence of lessons to introduce new bioinformaticians to lab-applicable technical skills. For years, it has served as students’ earliest exposure to bioinformatics at UC San Diego.

Please fill out short application to help us plan for this year.
Visit bioinformaticscrashcourse.com to check out our lessons!

Chalk Talks

The aim of Chalk Talk is to introduce students to the vibrant bioinformatics research community on campus. Professors from various fields are invited every talk to introduce their research focus. This would be a great opportunity to keep up with the rapid advances of the field and meet your next mentor!

Time: Biweekly starting fall


UBIC socials coming soon! Follow our Facebook page for updates. Biweekly Volunteers Session

Mentor-Mentee Program

Our mentorship program is designed to provide mentees guidance from their mentors to help achieve the mentees' goals. We hope to get you prepared for a future career path and research opportunities with our experience.

Apply to be MENTOR by the end of Week 5!
Apply to be MENTEE by the end of Week 5!

Southwestern Bioinformatics Conference

Southwestern Bioinformatics Conference(SBC) is a two-day event containing opportunities like research talks from faculties, graduate showcase, networking luncheon and industry panels. Our goal is to foster knowledge and collaboration among bioinformatics research groups in the southwest and to build connections between scientists in this region.

Time: Early April every year
Previous conference lineup

Upcoming Events

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